YWCA’s Think Big. Start Small. is a civic engagement and leadership program for young women between 16 and 29 years of age. The program provides young women with opportunities to enhance their leadership skills, build community and become agents of change while improving their connection to their community and Canada.

YWCAs and YMCA-YWCAs facilitate young women’s councils or advisory groups, giving them space to engage in their community and develop a strong public voice. A National Advisory Group, made up of youth from those groups offer their expertise and shape program initiatives.

This is a forum for young women to connect with their peers on a social networking website that includes resources, a space for learning about key issues affecting their communities, and a place to document and promote their activities.

YWCA Canada created the Think Big. Start Small. Campaign to encourage young women to use their and work toward social change. Young Women’s Community Action Days, are community engagement days lead by young women across the country. Young women are invited to coordinate rallies, events, workshops, online features, and all kinds of creative actions. The goal is to raise awareness about the power of young women to address key issues and improve our community.