Look Back

YWCA’s Think Big. Look Back. Start Small. is a great way for young women to celebrate historic milestones achieved by Canadian women through coordinated events and activities.

YWCA’s celebrations will reflect a full picture of Canadian history, giving young women tools and experiences that inform their ability to lead and think critically as they plan celebrations that honour women who were community leaders, trailblazers, door openers, artists, and activists.

Through this project, young women will explore the arts, culture, history, and heritage that is alive in their communities. They will be guided in their exploration of the history of Canadian feminist movement and its legacy through excursions to local arts, culture, history and heritage sites, and organizations. Key experts, historians, arts educators, artists, activists, and concerned community stakeholders will share their knowledge and experience through the delivery of workshops, information sessions, and more.

Stay tuned for more updates!

This project has been funded by the Government of Canada.