Start Small

Resources and Planning

It’s time to reflect on the kind of leader you want to be and what you are able to do. And it’s time to recognize the powerful person you already are.

  • So you want to end racism? Activity Planner

    Let’s work together to make this a racism-free zone. Read, take the pledge and share with friends, family and colleagues

  • Day of Big Change Action Planner

    Looking to plan an action but not sure where to start? Download our action planner!

  • Talent Inventory

    Everybody has talent. That’s just a fact. One of the keys to being a strong leader and activist is recognizing your talent, then leveraging it. You can probably come up with a few things you’re good at. If you need help figuring some out, here are three cool ideas…

  • Vision Board

    A vision board is a collage of images, words, and whatever other visual prompts that represent what is it we want to do, be, and accomplish in life.

  • Toolkit

    Download the Think Big/Start Small toolkit!