What kind of changemaker are you?

Use this quiz to help you figure out your leadership personality — it’s a fun way to think about the roles you are well-suited to play over the course of your activist journey. Share your quiz results with your friends, and pass it on!

You never leave your house without:

There’s a large pothole in the road in front of your home. To address this issue, you:

Which word do you most associate with “making change”?

You’re at a meeting for a small local project working to protest some budget cuts in your school district. Someone says, “We need a few volunteers to help out with an upcoming meeting!” Before you raise your hand, your internal dialogue sounds something like:

You are making an important group decision. It might be about family finances, a key work project, a campaign strategy, or another critical issue. You are most likely to feel frustrated with the process when:

Which of the following phrases would your friends and family mostly likely use to describe you?

It’s Sunday afternoon. You are most likely: