Feb 22 2018

When: MARCH 2ND 2018. All Day; Workshop will occur from 1:30-2:30PM

Where: Mount Saint Vincent University

The YWCA Halifax Youth Advisory Council. Mount Saint Vincent University Girls Conference Workshop: “Pop Culture Power”

The YWCA Halifax Youth Advisory Council (YAC) have planned a workshop to present and facilitate at the annual Mount Saint Vincent University Girls Conference. The conference involves 300+ young women and girls from the Halifax Regional Municipality between grades 7-10. The name of the workshop is “Pop Culture Power”, and will be focused on raising awareness around the influence of popular culture and media in the lives of girls and young women. This workshop was wholly developed by the youth involved in the YAC, and will be a great opportunity for them to discuss this element of our culture with their peers. The workshop is geared towards providing youth with the tools to be conscious consumers of media in all forms, including social media. One of the central themes of this session will be around the recent prominence of sexualized violence in mass media, and how girls and young women can practice self-care and mindful consumption in the wake of these developments.The workshop will involve an interactive art piece, where participants are guided through creating a self-care guide for engaging with media.

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